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About Hairsure International

Hairsure International is one of the leading hair transplant surgery clinics in India. At Hairsure International, we provide the most advanced, world class, accomplished, and reliable hair transplant treatments for any type of hair loss problem. With the use of ultra-modern treatment methods, we are always striving to achieve natural-looking results. Hairsure International is the best hair transplantation clinic in India, which is backed by a team of experienced surgeons.

At Hairsure International, we are committed to maintaining ultra-modern treatment equipment and world-class facilities for the comfort of every patient. We believe that every hair loss problem is different, so we provide customised hair loss treatments to achieve the best possible results.

Hairsure International is a pioneer organisation in hair transplantation for both men and women who are suffering from chronic hair loss problems. Hairsure International is an internationally recognised clinic for providing world-class hair transplantation treatment services for patients all across the globe.

Treatments offered by Hairsure International:

Comprehensive one-to-one consultations determine the patient’s desired aesthetic hairline appearance. The treatment methods are 100 % effective and give natural-looking results. Hairsure International offers a range of hair restoration treatments which include

  • FUE Hair transplant: It is the traditional hair restoration process for the people who are suffering from different hair loss problems caused by trauma injuries, scalp infections, hormonal imbalance, diseases, etc. In this process, the healthy hair follicles are extracted from the scalp’s back and implanted in the bald areas.
  • FUT Hair transplant: It is one of the hair restoration processes to treat problems like pattern baldness, hair thinning problems. In this process, the entire strip is extracted from donor areas, extracts the hair follicles, and transplants them into the treatment area. This treatment helps in achieving the hairline appearance.
  • Beard transplant: A beard transplant is a popular procedure that helps in thickening facial hair for better aesthetic appearance. This technique involves removing the hair follicles from other body parts and implanting them in the bald patches.
  • Eyebrow transplant: It is a surgical process in treating problems like alopecia, trauma injuries, congenital eyebrow shapings, etc. The eyebrow transplantation helps in repositioning the eyebrow hairline in symmetry with other facial features.
  • PRP therapy: In this process, the plasma is extracted from the patient’s blood using a centrifuge device. The separated and extracted plasma from the blood sample is injected into bald scalp areas. This plasma rich pharma contains 6-8 times of platelets per millilitre. These platelets will help in enhancing the hair regrowth in the balded areas.
Advantages of Hair Transplant:
  • Promising natural-looking results
  • Continuous hair regrowth for the lifetime
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Improve the overall hairline appearance
  • Enables natural regrowth process
  • Permanently eliminates the hair loss problems
  • Diminishes the pattern baldness
  • Affordable for everyone

Facilities available at Hairsure International:

  • Modern facilities with extreme care and comfort
  • Lodging facilities for international patients
  • VIP transfer from airport
  • Incomparable secure solutions
  • High cut diagnostic facilities
  • International professional approach
  • Treatment provided by the experienced hair transplant surgeons
Facilities available at Hairsure International:
  • Modern facilities with extreme care and comfort
  • Lodging facilities for international patients
  • VIP transfer from airport
  • Incomparable secure solutions
  • High cut diagnostic facilities
  • International professional approach
  • Treatment provided by the experienced hair transplant surgeons
Technologies used for Hair transplant at Hairsure International:
  • Direct hair implantation: DHI is the most advanced hair transplant treatment technique, which is the same as the FUE process. The main difference between FUE and DHI is the treatment area incision. In the DHI process, the surgeon will use ultra-modern treatment equipment for the implantation of extracted hair follicles without making incisions.
  • FUE: In this process, the surgeon will make small incisions in the donor area for extraction and treatment for implantation. From the donor area, the surgeon will extract a group of follicles. Then, these extracted follicles are gently implanted in the incisions in the treatment area. This is one of the traditional treatment techniques of hair transplantation.
  • FUT: In this process, the surgeon will remove the entire strip from the donor area, preferably the backside of the scalp. Now the surgeon will extract the hair potential hair follicles from the strip. These extracted hair follicles are now implanted in the bald or treatment area.
  • Mesotherapy: It is a non-surgical treatment procedure in which micro-injections are used. These injections are prepared by using vitamins, plant extracts, enzymes, hormones, etc. which helps in enhancing hair growth. This mesotherapy is ideal for premature hair loss problems and rapid hair loss problems like alopecia. It also helps in eliminating dandruff and seborrhea problems.
  • Low-level laser therapy (LLLT): In this process, low-level lasers are applied on the scalp hair roots. These lasers help in enhancing cellular respiration and stimulate hair growth. This is an ideal treatment for the people who are suffering from chronic alopecia problems.
    • Medications:
      • Finasteride: It is a commonly used medication to treat problems like pattern baldness in men. And it is also used as part of hormone therapy for excess hair growth.
      • Minoxidil: It is a form of liquid that enhances hair re-growing process. This medication is generally useful for people who are suffering from mild hair loss problems. This minoxidil has to apply on the scalp twice a day for better results.
Medical tourism about hair transplantation in India:

India is the primary choice for everyone who is suffering from typical hair loss problems. India is the preferred hair transplant centre for medical tourism. In India, there is a high standard in hair transplantation along with world-class infrastructure and treatment technologies. The main reason for choosing India for hair transplantation is cost affordability.

Among those highly reputed hair transplant clinics, Hairsure International is the leading hair transplant clinic in India. So many hair loss patients from different countries like Canada, Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, Netherlands, etc. trust Hairsure International for their result-oriented hair transplant treatments.

Why choose Hairsure International for Hair transplantation in India?
  • 10+ years of experience in performing hair transplantation in India
  • 10000+ successful hair transplant surgeries
  • Available for both national and international patients
  • Best hair transplant clinic in India
  • Backed by certified and experienced hair transplant surgeons in India
  • State of the art treatment equipment for hair transplantation
  • International standard treatment facilities
  • Complete medical evaluation before and after the hair transplant
  • Most affordable hair transplantation treatment in India
  • Available with customised hair loss treatment
  • Better aesthetic hairline appearance after the treatment
  • Natural-looking of hair regrowth after the hair transplant treatment
  • Usage of branded materials
  • Equipped with advanced hair transplant technology
  • Less downtime required
  • Fewer consultations
  • 100% satisfied results
  • High-end patient satisfaction with the best hair transplant

Any type of hair loss problem can be treated at Haisure International with the best hair transplant treatment in India. For more queries about the treatments available for your hair loss issues, book your appointment now with Hairsure International, the best hair transplantation clinic in India.

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