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Achieve your hair restoration goals with the best FUT treatment in India from Hair Sure International. It is today’s gold standard procedure with minimally invasive treatment techniques. This FUT process allows the surgeon to transplant thousands of hair grafts in a single session which helps to improve the results after the surgery.

At Hairsure International, we offer the best Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) in India under the guidance of experienced and skilled Hair Transplant surgeons. All the hair transplant treatments offered by Hairsure International are available at affordable prices. The advanced treatment procedure at our clinic will help you achieve the aesthetic appearance of hair after the surgery with minimal discomfort.

As a leading cosmetic and hair care clinic in India Hairsure International is equipped with state of the art medical equipment and world-class facilities. Hairsure International is offering the most effective and advanced hair transplantation treatments with proven results. At Hairsure International, we are also offering regular hair transplantation treatments such as

  • FUE hair transplant
  • Beard Transplant
  • Eyebrow transplant
  • PRP therapy
  • Trichology

Have any questions about the FUT hair transplant procedures. Contact Hairsure International now @ @ 040 42020202.

Why Choose India for FUT Hair Transplantation?

The surgeons from India are skilled and experienced in providing the best hair transplantation with desired results. Therefore the success rate of hair transplant in India is improving day by day. The reason behind choosing India for FUT hair transplantation include :

  • International treatment methods
  • Affordable prices
  • High success rate
  • World-class facilities
  • Post-care after the surgery

Hairsure International always aims to provide the best FUT hair transplant treatment to achieve patient goals. At Hairsure, we are highly experienced in providing innovative technologies with minimally invasive treatment procedures. Hairsure International is the preferable clinic in India for both local and international patients. Hairsure stand out on top amongst peers with the renowned hair transplant treatment procedures.

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

The transplantation of hair grafts that are extracted from the particular portion of the scalp skin from the back or sides of the scalp and restore them in the recipient area is known as FUT hair transplantation. This process is also known as “strip surgery”. It is the most effective hair restoration process.

Advantages of FUT transplantation:
  • Can achieve the desired hairline
  • Large number grafts can be transplanted in one session
  • Helps to achieve natural and Guaranteed results
  • The better yield of hair
  • Increases the graft quality
  • Higher rate of follicle survival
  • Less time consuming
  • Ideal for large hair loss regions
  • Less expensive compared to FUE hair transplantation
  • Don’t need to shave the entire head
  • During the extraction, the risk of hair grafts will get minimized.
Ideal candidates for FUT Treatment:

The FUT treatment is mainly for people who are suffering from

  • Thinning of hair in a short period
  • The huge amount of hair fall problems
  • Trauma hair loss
  • Scarring hair loss
  • Post-pregnancy hair loss
  • Pattern baldness
  • Genetical problems
Before FUT treatment:

Before the surgery, the surgeon will give anaesthesia to both the donor area and the recipient area. Then the surgeon will remove the strip of hair from the back scalp along with hair grafts. After removal of the strip, it is placed in a physiological solution to provide longer viability.

During the FUT treatment:

During this process, the surgeon will divide the extracted strip into a group of hair follicles which are known as slivers. Then the surgeon will divide these slivers into individual hair grafts and then replaces them in the recipient area or bald area.

After the FUT treatment:

After having the FUT hair transplant, the patient may experience some discomfort in the donor area because of the stitches. The surgery will make use of dissolvable stitches to close the incision. These incisions will get dissolvable into the skin within no time. The recovery time after the surgery is also less than other hair transplantation processes. It may take 7-10 days to recover after surgery.

Follicular Unit Transplant Medical Tourism in India:

India is acquiring great importance in medical tourism for all major health problems, especially in the hair transplantation for men and women. A vast number of international patients are visiting to get the best hair transplantation in India.

The top reasons for opting the best hair transplantation clinic in India by international patients include International standards, availability of internationally trained experienced hair transplant surgeons, best haircare packages and Affordable cost of hair transplant surgeries.

Among all other hair transplantation clinics in India Hairsure International provides the latest and minimally invasive treatments for the people who need the best hair transplantation treatment in India. Their proven record of successful hair transplantation stands out on top among their peers.

FUT Transplantation in India – Testimonials of Hairsure International Patients:

1. Ratings: ★★★★★

I am delighted with the best FUT treatment in India from Hairsure International. Am very well satisfied with their advanced treatment methods and world-class facilities. I will highly recommend Hairsure International for anyone who is expecting the best hair transplantation services in India. – Justin Japhet, A patient from the UK.

2. Ratings: ★★★★★

I am sincerely grateful to the best hair transplant treatments provided by the Hiarsure International for effectively treating my bald areas. Throughout my medical journey, the surgeon and the staff from Hairsure International made me comfortable. I strongly endorse Hairsure International for every individual who wants the best hair transplantation in India. – Albert Martin, A Patient from Australia.

3. Ratings: ★★★★★

Am very much depressed with my bald areas and always in thoughts to get the best hair transplantation treatments. I then heard about Hairsure International. Came to India for the best hair transplantation treatment in India. The surgeons, nurses and medical staff from the Hairsure International make me comfortable and provide the best hair transplant treatments for my bald areas. The treatment care after the surgery by the surgeon is appreciable. Now I am feeling so confident with aesthetic appearance. Thank you, Hairsure International. – Hamza, a patient from Oman.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Procedure:
  • During this process, the surgeon will decide the donor area and strip of length to be extracted from the donor area.
  • By using a tiny instrument scalpel, the surgeon will remove the strip along with hair grafts.
  • This extraction of hair is known as strip harvesting.
  • Now, the extracted strip is divided into individual hair follicle graft units. This process is known as strip slivering, and each follicular graft is known as slivers.
  • These grafts are separated individually and implanted in the treatment area or recipient area. This separation of grafts is known as Grafts dissection.
  • Meanwhile, the surgeon will make tiny slits in the bald area.
  • Now the surgeon will transplant these hair follicles carefully.
  • This implantation process is known as grafts dissection.
  • If these naturally arousing follicular units transplanted well, then you may observe natural hair growth appearance over the bald areas.
Post-care treatment after the FUT treatment:
  • After undergoing surgery, the surgeon may recommend following some tips to avoid post-operative complications.
  • To avoid swelling, the patient should keep his head elevated at 45degress while sleeping.
  • Avoid having soft drinks and aspirin for at least a week after the surgery.
  • Apply the doctor prescribed medicated creams in short intervals to avoid irritation and infection.
  • Avoid scratching the treatment area.
FUT Treatment Cost in India:

Compared to all other hair clinics in India Hairsure International provides the best FUT treatment in India at affordable prices. The cost of the treatment may vary depending on the several factors which include the size of the treatment area, number of follicles extracted, type of the surgery performed, number sittings, the experience of the surgeon, location of the hospital etc.

Why Choose Hairsure International for FUT treatment?
  • Life long results
  • Decade year of experience with clinical excellence
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Natural regrowth of hair
  • World-class facilities
  • High-quality medical standards
  • Advanced treatment procedures
  • 100% patient satisfaction
  • Fewer consultations
  • Personalized care after the surgery
Tips for patients after FUT treatment in India:
  • The surgeon may prescribe antibiotics to avoid swelling.
  • Stay hydrated after the surgery.
  • To reduce the redness use ice at regular intervals.
  • Don’t rub too much with the comb-over the treatment area
International Patient Guide for FUT treatment in Hyderabad:

Hairsure International Clinic is well equipped to provide the best hair transplantation treatment for both local and international patients. Patients from different countries like the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey, and Australia have benefitted from Hairsure International Clinic. Depending upon the patient’s requirement, Hairsure International will schedule your appointment with the surgeon.

Hairsure Internationals provides:-
  • Medical arrangements include doctor consultations, treatment services, medicines, etc.
  • Transportation arrangements include ambulance services, air evacuation services,
  • Patient assistance staff during transportation, etc.
  • Special arrangements include along with your medical needs.
  • We make your medical tour more pleasant by providing special arrangements which include language interpreters, specialised and customized diet, local sightseeing arrangements, etc.

FAQs about Follicular Unit Transplantation treatment in India:

1. How many grafts are needed to cover my bald area?

The number of grafts needed will depend on the area of the scalp treated and desired hair density.

2. How long will the results last after FUT treatment?

The hair transplantation treatments provided by the Hairsure International will give a natural appearance to your hair along with permanent results. The hair regrowth after the surgery was natural.

3. What is the recovery time after FUT?

The treatments provided by Hairsure International are minimally invasive. So it may take 7 to 10 days to recover completely after having FUT.

4. How many consultations do I need to have FUT treatment?

The number of consultations required depends on the size of the treatment area.

5. Does the hair transplanted hair fall out?

The transplanted hair falls out within a few weeks after the surgery. The last thread will regrow naturally within a few months.

6. How to make an appointment with Hairsure International for FUT treatment in India?

Make your appointment right now with Hairsure International to get the best hair transplantation surgery to treat your bald areas and to get the best aesthetic look to your hair.

Call us: 020 7935 1861

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